Industrial Painting

Pinter the Painter has been providing reliable industrial painting services to industrial business throughout White Rock, Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley, Surrey Newton, Aldergrove, New Westminster and nearby community since 2007. Many industries in and around White Rock have trusted the comprehensive industrial painting services by our painters White Rock professionals. Our industrial painting team are experienced painting many sizes and kinds of industrial facilities. Our durable quality industrial paints represent an economical solution for your industrial facility that will protect against the damaging effects of weather, exposure to industrial processes, pollution as well as normal wear and tear. In addition to painting the interiors or exteriors of all types of industrial facilities, we can also paint equipment and machinery and offer durable industrial epoxy floor coatings.

Using a range of high-quality industrial paint products including electrostatic and intumescent coatings ideal for industrial materials like paneling, siding, and cladding, our industrial painting experts are experienced working in industrial environment and are fully equipped with scaffolding, ladders, hoists, aerial lift platforms, high-rigging equipment, and swing stages to reach even high areas. We are proud to offer our industrial painting services for any size industrial complex, warehouses, factories, power plants, storage facilities, refrigerated storage buildings, as well as:

Manufacturing facilities

Our comprehensive industrial painting solutions can handle all or part of any manufacturing facility. Painting manufacturing facilities improves efficiency and functionality while helping to prolong life of the building. Our precision painters will tackle any job in such a way as to minimize disruption to the day-to-day business.

Machinery & equipment

Your mixers, blenders, high-heat furnaces, drill presses, lathes, conveyor systems and other industrial machinery and equipment require heavy-duty maintenance. Our painters White Rock professionals have the specialized knowledge for painting industrial machinery and equipment. Painting with our durable, high grade industrial coatings will restore your industrial machinery and equipment and optimize machine performance. Pinter the Painter can ensure colour uniformity and high-visibility to make your industrial facility safer and easier to navigate.

Storage tanks & silos

Painting is an integral part of the maintenance and care of industrial storage tanks and silos. Our painting professionals restore damage to the inside and outside of your storage tank or silo from normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements.

Metal deck ceilings

Metal deck ceilings similarly require protective painting, which not only improves their appearance, but can protect your ceiling and repair damage that follows exposure to harsh industrial processes. Fully equipped with scaffolding, hoists, aerial lift platforms, and swing stages, our skilled industrial painters are experienced and able to reach any metal deck ceiling.

Epoxy floor coatings

Our epoxy floor coatings represent a simple, durable and effective flooring solution ideal for industrial buildings. This durable and slip-resistant flooring solution is suitable for industrial floors, even metal and concrete surfaces. Our epoxy floor coating product was made to withstand even the most punishing industrial production schedule, as well as heavy foot and vehicle traffic, and exposure to industrial chemicals, corrosives and flame. Aerospace, automotive manufacturing, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, environmental services, electronic production, and chemical synthesis are just some of the industries that can benefit from our epoxy floor coatings.


Our precision sandblasting services will completely prep your industrial surfaces for painting that lasts. Our painters White Rock professionals deploy specialty abrasives like sand, grit, metal shot, and glass shard, to complete old paint, remove rust, and other forms of debris from industrial surfaces.

All of our industrial painting services are designed to build safer and better looking professional work environments for our clients. In addition to industrial buildings, our painters White Rock professionals offer residential painting solutions and a full suite of commercial painting services. Explore some of our clients and photos and you can read some of our client reviews to sample some of what our painters White Rock professionals can do you and your company. To learn more about our company, and our other painting services, please contact us today for a free consultation and a no-obligation quote.

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